The Ultimate Content Marketing Guide

The Ultimate Content Marketing Guide: 20 Actionable Tips From The Experts


Digital technology has transformed how people communicate, and it has impacted every aspect of the relationship between consumers and the businesses they patronize. Traditional advertising campaigns that rely on a few attractive images and a list of product benefits simply don’t work anymore. Consumers are paying less attention to the endless barrage of banner and pop-up ads, and most are opting-out of such marketing tactics altogether. Today, more than 615 million devices are protected with ad-blocking software, which prevents users from being exposed to unwanted advertising messages.

Organizations that have transitioned away from traditional outbound marketing in favor of content marketing strategies are noticing substantial benefits. On average, content marketing generates three times as many leads as formerly popular outbound marketing methods, though it costs 62 percent less to produce.

This Ultimate Content Marketing Guide will take you through each step of your campaign, with the help of our favorite content marketing experts, offering critical insight into creating content that works. Follow their advice and you can enhance your content marketing efforts, ensuring every piece you produce offers maximum return on your investment.

Let’s start the content marketing journey…

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By: Rachel R.  April 17, 2018