Our Solutions

Our platforms are highly configurable and our team works closely with your brand’s team to deliver real results.
The combination of our Customer Engagement, eCommerce and Social Payments platforms transform how you operate your business and deliver value to your customers.
Retail eCommerce

Transforms physical stores into online digital stores and manage your catalog and incoming orders digitally.

Customer Engagement

Enhance your customers and social audience experience through engaging programs.

Social Sponsorship

Maintain multiple wallets in different currencies, instantly send money to family and friends.

Organic Influence

Increase brand awareness thorough social loyalty and turn Organic Influence into a marketing sales force that drive new and repeat business.

Remittance as a Service

Remotely Pay for goods and services and verify that the funds, goods, and services have actually been received by the intended recipients and get real time receipts, payment confirmation and proof of delivery.

Loyalty and Rewards

Go beyond the loyalty and turn your customers into regular customers and organic influencers that drive both new and repeat business constantly.


Directly pay institutions, vendors, and merchants for goods and services.

Logistics and e-fulfillment

Logistics, Fulfillment and On demand last mile deliveries for all your products.

AI and Blockchain

Drive measurable results through through predictive, AI and record it on the blockchain.



Increase sales and brand awareness through organic influence, social loyalty and by listing your digital online store on social media channels.


Social payments and retail eCommerce solutions with service providers including store to door deliveries.


Transform your physical store into an online digital eCommerce store.


SMG provides full managed services and consulting in both onsite and virtual capacities, to work as a part of your team and provide expert software administration.


Our industry experts provide you with the strategic and tactical tools to make sure you reach your goals.

Working together, to create unique experiences