Our Solutions

SMG, Inc. offers tools, and services to micro, small and large corporation that are needed to run sell, manage and grow their business

  • Payments

    • Borderless and Mobile Digital Payments Platform
    • Buy and sell goods and services regardless of your geo location or currency
    • Send money directly to merchants and users
    • Transfer Crypto and Fiat currencies onto Multiple-Wallets

  • e-Commerce

    • Transforms physical stores into online digital stores.
    • Easily manage your catalog
    • Provide access to a larger global market
    • Manage incoming orders

  • Marketing

    • Increases customer engagement boosts transaction volume.
    • Easily get your stores listed on Facebook, Instagram and other Social Media Channels
    • Drive new and repeat business through organic influcencers
    • Leverage word of mouth to increase sales
    • Easily implement loyalty programs designed for your business

  • Logistics

  • On demand last mile deliveries

Our Offerings

Our offerings include a few different tools that provide digital transformation for any size business.

  • PaySoko

    Borderless Mobile Digital Payments with Multi-Currency wallets


    Increase sales and brand awareness through Organic Influence, Social Loyalty and by listing your Digital Online Store on Social Media Channels

  • MegaSoko

    Transform your physical store into an online digital e-commerce store

  • KwikMile & KwiKargo

    Logistics, Fulfillment and On demand last mile deliveries for all your products