PaySoko Empowers Social Impact Programs

Social Media Gateways, Inc. is actively involved in several social impact projects in Africa through partnerships with non-profit organizations, including GlobalSoko Foundation, Inc., which focuses on empowering local and underserved communities.

GlobalSoko Foundation provides affordable access to SMG’s digital transformation tools, including PaySoko, in order to eliminate the major barriers to entrepreneurial business opportunities faced by small- and micro-size businesses, which are the majority of businesses in Africa.

These independent, individually owned businesses face enormous challenges that are unique to the third world: not having a smartphone, expensive internet data bundles, no affordable digital tools for marketing, selling, and delivering products and services, market limitations based on geolocation, and many others.

The PaySoko platform, embedded with a suite of ecommerce and marketing tools, digitally transforms small and micro physical businesses into digital stores, giving them access to global markets and enabling them to sell products and services without any geographical constraints.

SMG provides these tools at an affordable price to social impact projects. In some cases, the costs are sponsored via subgrants from GlobalSoko Foundation and other charities.  Corporations and brands can also sponsor these costs in return for marketing and brand awareness.

Social Media Gateways is committed to empowering disadvantaged and underserved individuals and communities globally, and we are proud to work with GlobalSoko Foundation to lift people out of poverty by helping them earn a decent living for themselves and their families.