Digital transformation: Your 6 key teams in 2022

Digital transformation is as much about people as technology. As you focus your digital initiatives in the coming year, consider how these pivotal groups of people can support your progress
Is digital transformation dead? Overhyped? Still just a buzzword?

Not by a long shot.

Forrester says organizations will continue with their transformation initiatives well into 2022. But while 2021 focused on short-term goals, 2022 will see digital transformation leaders focus on long-term challenges and leverage a customer-obsessed approach to technology. Future-fit companies – ones that are adaptive, creative, and resilient – are known to outperform their peers.

Based on my own experience in the enterprise IT domain, I can assert that digital transformation is here for the long haul. It will require enterprises to draw up tightly woven strategies and provide a handsome payoff for those that start planning early.

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