Coronavirus Pandemic Small Business Solutions

As a business in the hospitality space These are challenging times to navigate, and businesses has had to come up with new ways to do business and fulfill their customers needs.

SMG, Inc. is providing tools and resources to help all businesses continue to engage their community, get community monetary financial help and play an active role in getting society back on steady footing once the COVID-19 Pandemic ends

Sheer Tenacity and perseverance will get us all through these tough times

By joining the Small Business Crisis Task Force (, SMG, Inc. is providng all the following marketing tools for FREE until the Pendamic is over.

These tools help businesses:

    • Fund raise much needed capital during these tough times and keep their businesses going beyond the crisis
    • Keep engaging their customers through these tough times
    • Stay in business remotely and provide remote services
    • Unite and get the community involved

Community Sponsored Programs


Community Sponsored/Bail-Out campaigns and programs are designed to help the businesses raise funds from their community and current businesses by providing future services and store credit.


  • Receive Cash immediately from your current loyal customers
  • Unify your customer base and let them help your business stay afloat these challenging times
  • Keep your customer engaged so when the pandemic is over you can get them back to steady footing into your business

Sponsored/Bail-Out Gift Cards

Example: Your Customer will buy a $25 Gift Card right now while the lock down is going on and you will receive the cash immediately in exchange for $50 Store credit.

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Community  Engagement Programs


Community Engagement Programs provide business the ability to keep their customer active and engaged group, community and friends and family campaigns


  • Increase your customer base during the lock down
  • Easy remote group campaigns to increase your sales
  • Friends and Family campaigns that get family and friends virtually together
  • Virtual remote enabled campaigns that provide participation virtually


Friends and Family Campaigns

Example: $10 Off Dinner for Friends and Family at the Grand Cafe. Invite your Friends and Family and everyone gets $10 off their meals, too!

Remote Group Offers Campaigns

Example: Get 20% off with friends when you share and an Extra 25 % when you refer 2 friends

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