Brands Embrace the Future of Content and Blockchain

Brands Embrace the Future



All brands are adjusting to the rapid pace of digital relevance to their operations, products and growth.  Many brands have found competitors have invested in more diverse strategies and content marketing and now outrank their companies. There are many motivators to embrace the evolving ecosystems and processes, with 70% of people preferring to learn about a company through content rather than an advertisement.

Organic traffic continues to bring value for years after you’ve invested in it. Unlike paid ads, which shut off as soon as your wallet does. The future is how the platforms will facilitate accurate and mutually beneficially controlled content in a secure and transparent format.  87% of B2B marketers say they struggle to produce content that truly engages their buyers. This engagement with the audience with the content is just one of many ways the future of content and Ad delivery systems are forced to adoption of additional standards of engagement.

One of the solutions is to manage much better Ad, content and loyalty communities using distributed ledger and blockchain technologies. This revolutionizes the way people and brands communicate, engage and how that directly impacts operations, transactions and accountability. Blockchain is innovative because it enables the secure sending of digital assets, without requiring trusted third parties. Its ability to convey a shared truth that everyone agrees on without intermediaries, or centralized authority, is a major selling point.

As the world continues to adapt it will be a continual adjustment, fun and value for all!