About The Company


To be the leading Social Commerce company in the world.


To power the future of relationships between brands and their customers.


Social Media Gateways, Inc. was started in 2012 by an experienced team of founders and advisors in marketing, analytics, and enterprise software space.


Since then, Social Media Gateways has been creating cutting edge software solutions including a social commerce network that bridges sCommerce all over the world.


From Africa to the Americas, Social Media Gateways provides solutions that connect businesses to their customers, regardless of their geographical location or interests.


SMG uses the power of influencers to drive business and sales to businesses. With its proven, award winning platforms, SMG builds digital footprint through influencer marketing and creates gateways to a lot more opportunities.

Social Media Gateways, Inc. provides platforms and services that amplify the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, increase sales, drive new and repeat customer traffic, and enhance bottom line revenue.