2017 GameChangers Marketing Awards Gold Winner

The Casino Journal community has spoken and the Platinum, Gold and Silver winners of the first-ever GameChangers Marketing Awards have been determined


Provider: Social Media Gateways

Operator: Prairie Band Casino & Resort, Mayetta, Kan.

SSNAPP is the first platform that provides social intelligence, engagement automation, gamification and predictive intelligence for optimizing customer engagement in a single solution. The platform has grown beyond hospitality and gaming to work with some of the biggest brands, Fortune 100 companies and firms as an omni-channel marketing and communications solution.

SSNAPP has enabled Prairie Band Casino & Resort to have a central social media engagement and loyalty solution to keep the guests constantly promoting the brand and allowing their networks of friends to organically engage. The platform gives the property the ability to automate incentives and activities based on the guest’s engagement in real-time. SSNAPP, installed in 2015, provided the property with a social media engagement and loyalty platform that increased social media and online conversion rates.

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